Coffee morning to kick off new term with eCPD Webinars

We’ve just kicked off the new term with eCPD Webinars – by the means of our coffee morning. To get a boost for the autumn months, we invited you to join us for just under an hour over a cup of coffee. As well as the introductions and an overview of the changes and developments we’ve been through in the past year, we also presented an overview of our line-up. From 3D printing to public relations, this new term with eCPD Webinars is packed with useful webinars.

The beginning of September is also a good period to review your 2016 CPD plan. So, why don’t you go over it while catching up with our coffee morning?

Watch the video on a new term with eCPD Webinars below!

If you have any comments or suggestions for future webinars, leave a comment below. We’d really appreciate it!


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