Three easy steps to booking an eCPD webinar

Blue and white 3D illustration of the word booking connected to a computer mouse

Since June 2015 when we overhauled our website, it’s been much easier to book a webinar or access an on-demand video from eCPD.

  1. Browse the website and choose what you want from the huge selection of quality online CPD on our elibrary of videos or from our upcoming webinars
  1. Add your choices to your cart, checkout and make payment. Payment is secure and through our payment gateway, Secure Trading.
  1. Return (automatic process) to our website to finalise your purchase. This bit is important. New customers will need to enter their details to set up an account. Returning customers who signed in to the website first will find that the details are already there. Click Complete Purchase.

What happens next? 

Future webinars. You will receive an automated receipt containing a button where you register for the webinar.
The receipt contains your video which you can watch straight away or later. It stays on your account for ever. Sign into your account at any time to watch it and see your other purchases.

We follow the automated receipt with a “proper” receipt from our office either the same day or the next. For webinars set in the future, we will also send you your Gotowebinar confirmation email to attend, as well as the “proper” receipt mentioned above. If you forget to register, we will probably do it for you so that it doesn’t get forgotten.

Attending a live webinar

Conceptual image - payment of purchase on the Internet

  1. Keep your confirmation email safe. There will be reminders as the date approaches and you could also use one of these to enter the webinar.
  1. Test your connection beforehand. The confirmation email also contains a link to a Citrix website where you can test beforehand that your connections will work on the day. You need a computer (Windows 7 or later or Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later) and a broadband connection. You also need a speaker, but not a microphone or webcam.
  1. Please don’t be tempted to cancel your place. If you do that, Gotowebinar loses all record of you and you won’t get any follow-up emails with the recording or the handouts.

 On webinar day

  1. About 10 minutes before the advertised time, click on the join link provided in your confirmation or reminder email.  It always starts….. If the link doesn’t work immediately, try cutting and pasting it into your browser. 
  1. Select your audio option. VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) is best because it’s free, but you can phone in if you wish. The confirmation email provides a link with numbers in 17 countries for you to dial into. Choose the best for you. Follow the instructions on your confirmation email.
  1. Once you have chosen your audio option you will be able to hear us – but only once we actually go on air at the advertised time.
  1. We always start promptly, so it’s really a great idea to start the connection process, which can sometimes take a while, a good 10 minutes before.
  1. Once you are in the webinar, check out the handouts section. We often upload them to the platform so that you have access to them during the webinar. But we also send them to you by email after the webinar, so that absentees also have access to them.

And finally … 

Last registrations

We generally close registrations an hour or so before the start of a webinar. It’s very difficult for us to deal with last minute bookings because there’s such a lot to do as we prepare to go on air.

Making the most of your investment

Strategic CPD shouldn’t just be a ‘ticking the box’ exercise. We encourage you to make the most of your investment by following up on any further reading offered by the speaker. And by watching it again. It’s surprising how much more you pick up the second time. That’s a major advantage of webinars over face-to-face events.

Keep the handouts in a special CPD file, ready for the day you need them.

Try to make it to the live event if you can.

Why is live better? You can see who else is attending. You have an opportunity to ask questions and join in the polls and quizzes. And you are the first to see new presentations offered by experts in their field.

Enjoy the experience. You haven’t had to travel miles, or pay for accommodation. But try to switch off from distractions at home or in the office. Pretend you are out to calls and visitors.

Join our Networking group on Facebook. This is the virtual coffee bar where you can discuss what you have seen with colleagues. Details of the group are sent when you purchase a webinar or video.