Translation is a truly global profession, and eCPD Webinars is a global business

One of the most fascinating aspects of working as a translator has always been, for me, the international setting that our profession affords. On any given day, from my office in London I work with customers and interact with colleagues from easternmost Asia to sunny California. Without a doubt, this means that sometimes I get a call at 2 am my time, or I wake up to several new urgent requests received overnight, or need to get back to my desk at 10 pm to look into final changes requested by a customer. But at the same time, I thrive on working in a multicultural environment and take pride in the global reach of my tiny, freelance translation business and that I have a global profession. I bet I can find colleagues who’d agree with me on that!

A couple of weeks ago here at eCPD Webinars Lucy has been doing some planning and scheduling for the new academic year (a free kick-off webinar coming up in September, stay tuned!) and she asked me to find some more details about the most popular areas of specialisation, CPD opportunities that were in demand, and some other data about our business. We both suspected that we’ll find a great diversity and wide reach, but we were both quite frankly surprised and amazed by the global nature that eCPD Webinars has.

For example, we found out that while London is the place where most of our website visitors come from, top 10 cities include Madrid, Cambridge, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Buenos Aires and New York. In the last year, our website has been visited from 167 countries and regions all over the world (even this one visit from Northern Mariana Islands counts!), and just this week our visitors came from 60 different countries and regions. All 5 continents are represented. We were quite impressed when we saw this map with bubbles showing our eCPD customers from all over the world. See for yourself.

eCPD Webinars cities

Interestingly, browser language settings of our website visitors didn’t match top cities entirely. Most of our visitors (slightly above 32%) browse in American English, closely followed by British English (nearly 25%). Other top 10 locales included Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Dutch and Polish.

All these data prove not only that a small business based in the south of England can have a global reach, but they also provide testimony to the truly international work of translators. Ours is a profession that knows no borders and no matter where we are in the world, we want to hone our skills. We retrieved these data from Google Analytics and if you have it installed on your website, you should go in there to see where in the world your own website is visited from. My own translation business website,, is most often visited from the UK, US, Russia and Poland, no surprises here.

Google Analytics also revealed that most of our visitors are also green living enthusiasts, art and theatre aficionados, foodies, travel buffs and, surprise surprise, business professionals. What a great company to be in, I say!