March 2017

Thu211:am Nutrition: Diabetes – a biochemical and dietary perspective

Aimed primarily at translators and interpreters working in the field, but of great interest to everyone, this seminar explores the mechanisms of at least 10 factors which can contribute to the development of Type 2 Diabetes. It is important for everyone to have a detailed understanding of how or why Diabetes Type 2 develops and dietary management and prevention of the condition.. [MORE]

Tue72:00 pm Translating for Public Relations

Reputation management is big business – public relations agencies alone represent a $14 billion industry worldwide, and they are just part of the story… [MORE]

Tue718:30 pm Business School for Translators

Edition 14 of Marta Stelmaszak’s world-famous business course for translators. You are already a great translator, but you want to go further and build a great business… [MORE]

Tue144:00 pm A 2017 update in medical translation terminology

This webinar will update medical translators at any level of experience with some of the latest developments in terminology and methods. It will consist of four parts and will be given in English…. [MORE]

Mon202:00 pm Successful Copywriting

Want to write copy that will grab your readers’ attention? Hold them glued to your words? And get them to take action? Then this is the course for you!… [MORE]

April 2017

Wed52:00 pm Behind the Scenes at the Airport: a talk by an airport insider

During this one-hour presentation the speaker will show you the key areas of an airport, Including the landside areas, airport security, the ramp, taxiways and runways. He will give the terminology (in English) for these concepts so that you can be sure of your ground in future translations.. … [MORE]

Tue2511:00 am Understanding Industrial Materials for technical translators

Materials are essential in making every single physical product we know and love… and even hate.  They are key to answering some of society’s ….. [MORE]

Tue254:00 pm Workshop: Marketing Plan

Do you love translating but hate marketing, especially creating a strategic marketing plan to reach your target customers and target income? Then this session is for you….. [MORE]

Thu2711:00 am Understanding the Automotive Industry for technical translators

In this webinar, participants can expect to gain a broad understanding of the global automotive industry that includes its value, production volumes and general technologies that make up modern cars. . [MORE]

May 2017


Tue1610:00 am Transcreation: what it is and what it takes

There has been a lot of discussion about “Transcreation” lately. Among the many services that translators can offer, this is certainly one of great interest. But what is it really? …. [MORE]

Mon292:30 pm Clear Writing (3-part course)

Anyone can write. Right? Well, not exactly. Sure, anyone who’s mastered English grammar and vocab can string a few sentences together, but it takes much more than that to write clearly and effectively…. [MORE]

June 2017

Thu1511:00 am Technology advancement and patent translation

presentation focuses on the development of technology in relation to patent translation, especially the use of technology at patent offices, covering the latest ‘artificial intelligence’-based translation tool… [MORE]