November 2017

Thu3018:00 pm Tablet Interpreting. Lesson 5 Apps and accessories galore

Our final session covers all the apps and accessories you never knew you needed: from language apps to productivity tools to apps that will keep you and your clients’ confidential data safe …[MORE]

Thu3011:00 am  Competing in a Global World. Part 2: Being Strategic and Productive

helping you get under the skin of your ideal customer, understand the channels available to you to grow your business and define a strategy for your business … [MORE]

December 2017

Wed6 11:30 am  FREE Translators Without Borders – volunteer language opportunities for linguists

Presenting the work of the TWB, a nonprofit that works to ensure that the most vulnerable have access to vital information in a language they understand. Opportunities for volunteers. Register FREE directly here … [MORE]

Tue12 14:00 pm Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Within the next five years, artificial intelligence (AI) is set to automate many jobs, enable the radical analysis of Big Data, and provide an alternative means … [MORE]

Thu14 11:00 am Competing in a Global World. Part 3: Leveraging Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can amplify your message and help you reach your audience like never before. This webinar will look at the most popular digital marketing channels  … [MORE]


January 2018

Tue1611:00 am The German Legal System

The language of law may appear incomprehensible and untranslatable, but actually it is not. However, the world of legal translation is rather different from other kinds of translation and translators who do not appreciate this are unlikely to succeed. …[MORE]

Thu1810 am The Nuts and Bolts of Specialising in Technical Translation

Specialisation is becoming an increasingly important strategy for translators in the face of global competition, pressure on prices, and machine translation. While these undoubtedly present a threat for the unprepared, specialisation offers insulation from these factors and may even help turn them into opportunities.  …[MORE]

Thu183:00 pm Breaking into Literary Translation and Negotiating a Translation Contract

In this webinar, we will discuss practical methods for adapting commercial translation skills into more literary skills, as well as techniques to help you. Pointers will be provided to help you obtain the best terms for your contract … [MORE]

Thu253:00 pm Advanced Literary Translation Techniques

In this webinar, we will discuss practical examples of the most common difficulties translators of literary works will encounter.  In addition, certain cultural customs are often very tricky to translate, so examples of possible solutions will be given… [MORE]

Tue307:00 pm Interpreting in the 21st Century

In this webinar, we will go through the use of telephone, video-conference and remote interpreting used in public service and conference interpreting contexts …[MORE]


February 2018

Wed1411:30 am Contracts: translating them into English

What’s the best way to translate a contract? As there’s more than one way of doing it, it’s easy to fall into the trap of dillydallying between different approaches and terminology options. …[MORE]

Wed214:00 pm Introduction to Medical Translation

Part 1: covering the challenge, an overview, how to start, how to stay updated…[MORE]

Wed284:00 pm Introduction to Medical Translation

Part 2. covering resources, practical exercise, professional orientation and development …[MORE]

March 2018

Tue611:00 Specialising in Legal Translation

This webinar offers insight into specialising in the fascinating world of legal translation. Ideal for students and recent graduates (70% student discount) or for established translators looking to move into the field.  …[MORE]

Mon1211:30 Clear Writing

Good writing helps readers to get the information they need, quickly and easily. Good writing helps persuade busy people to read your text and act on it, rather than just bin it. …[MORE]

Wed144:00 pm  A 2018 update on medical terminology

Even if you attended our 2017 update on medical terminology, you will find many new terms and concepts in our 2018 session. Along with an introduction to the reasons behind this ever-changing side of terminology, we will discuss the most common new terms …[MORE]

April 2018

Tue104:00 pm Cardiovascular system

Part 1 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The first one covers the cardiovascular system…[MORE]

Thu124:00 pm Respiratory system

Part 2 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The second one covers the respiratory system…[MORE]

Tue174:00 pm Digestive system

Part 3 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The third one covers the digestive system…[MORE]

Thu194:00 pm Respiratory system

Part 4 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The fourth one covers the renal system…[MORE]

Tue244:00 pm Nervous system

Part 5 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The fifth one covers the nervous system…[MORE]

Thu264:00 pm Respiratory system

Part 6 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The sixth one covers the musculo-skeletal system…[MORE]

May 2018

Tue84:00 pm Immune system

Part 7 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The seventh one covers the immune system…[MORE]

Thu104:00 pm The senses

Part 8 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The eighth one covers the senses. [MORE]

Mon142:30 pm Successful Copywriting (3-part series)

Want to write copy that will grab your readers’ attention? Hold them glued to your words? And get them to take action? Then this is the course for you!  [MORE]