September 2017

Wed132:00 pm Kick off the autumn term with eCPD

Our traditional kick-off coffee morning has moved to after lunch in the UK. Join us to find out what’s in store for the autumn, to ask us questions and to tell us what you want. . [MORE]

Tue1911:30 am Renewable Energies: Wind Power

Wind power is one of the major forms of renewable energy being developed to meet future energy needs. This talk for translators introduces the design and technology associated with wind turbines… [MORE]

Tue1919:00 Sim-Consec as a tool for Consecutive Interpreting

Whether you are a conference, business, police and court or public service interpreter, technology can be employed to improve your consecutive performance… [MORE]

Wed2015:00 pm International Financial Reporting Standards

eCPD is delighted to welcome Robin Bonthrone to  present a webinar on the IFRSs -now used in well over 130 countries. The webinar is in English and translators working in any language pair will benefit.. [MORE]

Thu2111:30 am Renewable Energies: Solar Power

The energy in the radiation reaching the earth’s surface, exceeds our current global demands by 7000 times. In this lecture the solar resource is examined along with ways to capture and make use of it.  … [MORE]

Thu2118:00 pm Tablet Interpreting. Lesson 1 The ins and outs of tablet interpreting

The first webinar in this series is designed to get to know our tablets and cover the basics of tablet interpreting. Dive in and explore … [MORE]

Wed2715:00 pm International Financial Reporting Standards (in Germany)

Robin Bonthrone returns to eCPD to  present two webinars on the IFRSs -as used in Germany. The webinar is in English and translators working in the DE-EN language pair will benefit.. [MORE]

Thur2815:00 pm Tricky Terms – Terminology Traps in Translating German Financial Reports.

Robin Bonthrone returns to eCPD to  present the second of two webinars on the IFRSs -as used in Germany. This time on tricky terms and terminology traps. The webinar is in English and translators working in the DE-EN language pair will benefit… [MORE]

October 2017

Thu518:00 pm Tablet Interpreting. Lesson 2 Preparation made simple

Preparing for an assignment is essential. Join us and learn how a tablet can make preparation fast and easy … [MORE]

Thu1211:30 am The art of translation: advanced translation techniques

Translation techniques are part and parcel of the translation process. For translation practitioners, it is helpful to understand what translation techniques are available to them and what they entail in terms of the decision-making process. … [MORE]

Thu1918:00 pm Tablet Interpreting. Lesson 3 Using tablets for consecutive interpreting

Tablets offer a wide range of benefits in consecutive interpreting – from referencing documents to full-on consecutive with tablet and stylus [MORE]

November 2017

Thu218:00 pm Tablet Interpreting. Lesson 4 Tablets in the booth

Tablets’ small footprints make them ideal boothmates in mobile booths. But there are many other benefits of bringing devices into the booth. Join us and explore some  …[MORE]

Wed84:00 pm Medicine for Medical Translators – course introduction

We invite you to this FREE webinar to find out about a fantastic new series of webinars for medical translators and interpreters – as well as those wishing to enter the field. Come and find out what Pablo Mugüerza has in store next year …[MORE]

Thu911:00 am  A 2017 Update on Translating in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Tourism is one of the world’s growth industries of the future. European Cities Marketing (ECM) recorded a growth of 3.6% in city tourism in 2016. With this rise in tourism, the demand for translated material is also increasing …[MORE]

Tue142:00 pm Persuasive public relations: the translator’s toolkit

If you would like to work more effectively with PR agencies, or direct clients who are engaged in public relations activities, this course is for you. Over three sessions, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding …[MORE]

Wed1511:00 am  Translating for the Agricultural Industry

The second webinar in our series on horticulture and agriculture will look at translating in agriculture, with the emphasis on the speaker’s main areas of translation experience: livestock farming and farm automation and equipment …[MORE]

Thu16 11:00 am Competing in a Global World. Part 1: Building Your Brand

Most linguists today are competing in a global marketplace that is driving fees down. The eCPD Webinar series Competing in a Global World will give you practical tools [MORE]

Wed2211:00 am  Translating for the Horticulture Industry

This webinar will focus on horticulture ­- by which we mean commercial greenhouse horticulture, i.e. the growing of food and ornamental plant crops. We will take a look at plant names and how to translate them …[MORE]

Thu3018:00 pm Tablet Interpreting. Lesson 5 Apps and accessories galore

Our final session covers all the apps and accessories you never knew you needed: from language apps to productivity tools to apps that will keep you and your clients’ confidential data safe …[MORE]

Thu3011:00 am  Competing in a Global World. Part 2: Being Strategic and Productive

helping you get under the skin of your ideal customer, understand the channels available to you to grow your business and define a strategy for your business … [MORE]

December 2017

Tue12 14:00 pm Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Within the next five years, artificial intelligence (AI) is set to automate many jobs, enable the radical analysis of Big Data, and provide an alternative means … [MORE]

Thu14 11:00 am Competing in a Global World. Part 3: Leveraging Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can amplify your message and help you reach your audience like never before. This webinar will look at the most popular digital marketing channels  … [MORE]


January 2018

Tue1611:00 am The German Legal System

The language of law may appear incomprehensible and untranslatable, but actually it is not. However, the world of legal translation is rather different from other kinds of translation and translators who do not appreciate this are unlikely to succeed. …[MORE]

February 2018

Wed214:00 pm Introduction to Medical Translation

Part 1: covering the challenge, an overview, how to start, how to stay updated…[MORE]

Wed284:00 pm Introduction to Medical Translation

Part 2. covering resources, practical exercise, professional orientation and development …[MORE]

March 2018

Wed144:00 pm A 2018 update on medical terminology

Even if you attended our 2017 update on medical terminology, you will find many new terms and concepts in our 2018 session. Along with an introduction to the reasons behind this ever-changing side of terminology, we will discuss the most common new terms …[MORE]

April 2018

Tue104:00 pm Cardiovascular system

Part 1 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The first one covers the cardiovascular system…[MORE]

Thu124:00 pm Respiratory system

Part 2 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The second one covers the respiratory system…[MORE]

Tue174:00 pm Digestive system

Part 3 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The third one covers the digestive system…[MORE]

Thu194:00 pm Respiratory system

Part 4 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The fourth one covers the renal system…[MORE]

Tue244:00 pm Nervous system

Part 5 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The fifth one covers the nervous system…[MORE]

Thu264:00 pm Respiratory system

Part 6 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The sixth one covers the musculo-skeletal system…[MORE]

May 2018

Tue84:00 pm Immune system

Part 7 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The seventh one covers the immune system…[MORE]

Thu104:00 pm The senses

Part 8 of our series on medical translation for medical translators. The eighth one covers the senses. [MORE]